Making Music 4 Life is a community based music school on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Founded in 2007 by Janine Shearer, our mission is to create a musical community that brings people together to make music for life! 


Making music is a truly rewarding way to spend your time and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to make music to feel great, regardless of age or ability. From early childhood programs to corporate drumming workshops, our main focus has shifted over the past decade to teaching people the "happiest instrument on the planet" - the mighty ukulele!


Learning the ukulele will stimulate your mind and your creativity and being able to play the ukulele and sing the songs you love will have such a positive effect on your health, well-being and quality of life - it's UKE-TASTIC!

We encourage you to join a ukulele course or ensemble and experience for yourself the "happiness" factor that comes from making music with others. Your innate musical self is waiting to be discovered!

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Our leadership team includes music educators with a lifetime immersed in music making, teaching and performance.

We are strong advocates for music education across the lifespan and we are extremely passionate about teaching music to adults who may never have had the opportunity to learn an instrument before.

We believe the ukulele is one of the most fun and accessible instruments to learn and we are extremely proud to have started more than a thousand people on their ukulele and musical journey of self discovery!

We hope to encourage as many people as possible to experience for themselves how making music adds LIFE to your life

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Janine Shearer

Founder & Musical Director, Course & Ensemble Leader

Janine is a multi-instrumentalist and fully accredited Level 3 ukulele teacher with the James Hill Ukulele Initiative (JHUI) Teacher Certification Program and has been teaching ukulele on the Northern Beaches since 2011. She founded the Lightly Strung Orchestra ukulele ensemble in 2013 which performs regularly at festivals and online events. She was a member of the The Australian Ukulele Orchestra from 2017-2021 and during Covid lockdowns in 2020/21, formed part of the AUO crew that filmed & performed arrangements by Ian Porter including PaladioLibertango, Sabre Dance, and The Entertainer.

Janine is also classically trained on flute and piano and holds a Bachelor of Music (Music Therapy - Honours) from the University of Melbourne (2006). She has taught flute and piano to people of all ages. She has toured and recorded nationally and internationally with a variety of semi-professional and amateur music groups including The Northern Beaches Orchestra, The Brass Machine Big Band and The Northern Beaches Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

Janine is also a Registered Music Therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association with over 17 years experience working with community music groups in aged care, early childhood music programs, as well as groups within the corporate sector. She has training in drum circle facilitation techniques developed by Arthur Hull (Village Music Circles) and Kalani Das (Developmental Community Music) as well as music and movement qualifications in Dalcroze Eurhythmics.

With her experience and enthusiastic teaching style, Janine brings a broad range of exciting initiatives and methodologies to her music programs.

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Jenny Massingham

Course & Ensemble Leader

Jenny is a fully accredited Level 3 ukulele teacher with the James Hill Ukulele Initiative (JHUI) Teacher Certification Program and has been teaching ukulele on the Northern Beaches since 2018. Jenny recently joined the The Australian Ukulele Orchestra.

Jenny has been singing and performing ever since she joined the Sydney Juniors Talent Group when she was only 5 years old! She is currently singing with the wonderful community of Hummingsong Choirs with great joy and abandon!


In addition to voice, Jenny is classically trained on piano and violin and has taught the piano privately for over 15 years. Jenny also developed a passion for sharing music with children and ran Kindermusik classes for 15 years as well.

Jenny joined The Lightly Strung Orchestra in 2014 and in addition to her cracking vocals and performances, she has been a key mentor and teacher for newer members of the group over the years. She is a brilliant co-leader of the LSO ensemble and brings great warmth and joy (and awesome vocal harmonies) to her sessions.

Jenny's warm teaching style is inclusive and very encouraging and we are excited that she has taken a leadership role across our foundation and beginner level programs.

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Anne Keogh

Ensemble Leader

Anne is a multi-instrumentalist who has been teaching and playing music professionally since 1990. She is a current member of the The Australian Ukulele Orchestra and performs regularly  at ukulele festivals and online events. During Covid lockdowns in 2020/21, Anne was part of the AUO crew that filmed & performed orchestrated arrangements by Ian Porter including PaladioLibertango, Sabre Dance, The Entertainer, Dance of the Little Swans, and Pinball Wizard.


Anne holds a Bachelor of Music from UNE in Armadale, an A.Mus.A in piano and is registered with the AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) for exam purposes. Anne has taught at a number of music schools and lead various school bands. She has played in a variety of rock, jazz, and fusion bands. For a bit of variety, she would occasionally sit in and play violin with the local community orchestra.

Since 2003, Anne has been running a teaching studio in Dee Why and she offers face-to-face and online lessons in ukulele, guitar, piano, violin, guitar and bass! Anne also has a current Working With Children accreditation and accepts Creative Kids Vouchers at her studio.

Luckily for us, fate caused Anne to join The Lightly Strung Orchestra in 2015 as our bass player as she is absolutely talented multi-instrumentalist! 

Anne's teaching experience makes her an invaluable co-leader of the LSO ensemble and her funny sense of humour helps lighten any stress students may be feeling.

Making Music 4 Life

What Our Students Say

"Amazing what you and Jenny can teach, foster, lead, nurture, challenge and extract from our motley crew. Wonderful to be part of LSO. Very special"

Kim, LSO member since 2017