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About Us

Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Making Music 4 Life was created in 2007 by Australian Registered Music Therapist and music educator Janine Shearer. Our team has expanded since then to include some fantastic musicians and teachers to help lead our fun and engaging ukulele courses and ensembles.

Our mission is to create a musical community that encourages people to come together and make music for life! Our ukulele music programs and ensembles aim to provide individuals with opportunities to discover their innate musical selves and to experience the joy that comes from making music with others.

Why "making music" adds life to your life!

Learning to play an instrument is a TOTAL workout for your brain. 


Unlike any other modality, MAKING MUSIC utilises ALL areas of your brain with long term benefits including better cognitive functioning, improved memory capacity, enhanced motor coordination and greater empathy for others.


We believe the ukulele is one of the most fun and accessible instruments to learn on the planet and we are extremely proud to have started hundreds of people on their ukulele and musical journey of self discovery at Making Music 4 Life!

Not only is learning the ukulele fantastic for those neural pathways, but there are multiple therapeutic benefits that making music can have on your health and well-being. You may feel more vitalised, energised, relaxed, destressed, intellectually stimulated, socially connected and you may even gain a greater capacity to cope with life's challenges. We believe the therapeutic benefits from playing the ukulele are almost immediate, it stimulates your mind and creativity, and being able to play the songs you love is absolutely UKE-tastic!

So, come and experience it for yourself.  Even if you have absolutely NO musical background whatsoever, we can help you find the “happiness factor” that comes with playing the ukulele and hope it inspires you to MAKE MUSIC FOR LIFE!

Ukulele Lessons

Get the happiness factor that goes with playing one of the most enjoyable instruments of all time!

Absolutely NO musical background or experience is necessary to join in our intensive Introductory Ukulele Course.

Our Courses on the Northern Beaches will give you the confidence and skills necessary to play the songs you love!

Ukulele Lessons

Silver Strings

If you love to play the ukulele and sing your heart out, then come and join in the fun of The Silver Strings Ensemble.

Designed for anyone who can already play the ukulele. It is highly recommended that you have already completed a foundation level course before joining.

Come and join in the fun!


The LSO at the Blue Mts Uke Festival

The LSO is a performance ukulele ensemble for players at an intermediate and advanced level.  


Have fun singing, playing and improving your ukulele techniques through regular participation and performance opportunities locally and at Ukulele Festivals around Australia.

We can't wait for you to join us!


The Making Music 4 Life Team

The team at Making Music 4 Life is passionate about having fun whilst playing the most accessible instrument on the planet!

Our leaders are qualified music educators with many years teaching and performance experience, and we are passionate about teaching adults who have never had the opportunity to learn an instrument before.

Our Team