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Making Music 4 Life Ukulele Courses
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Making Music 4 Life is a community based music school on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Founded in 2007 by Janine Shearer, our mission is to create a musical community that brings people together to make music for life! 


Making music is a truly rewarding way to spend your time and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to make music to feel great, regardless of age or ability. From early childhood programs to corporate drumming workshops, our main focus has shifted over the past decade to teaching people the "happiest instrument on the planet" - the mighty ukulele! We believe the ukulele is one of the most fun and accessible instruments to learn and we are extremely proud to have started hundreds of people on their ukulele and musical journey of self discovery.


Our leadership team includes some fantastic music educators with many years teaching and performance experience who are all extremely passionate about teaching adults who may never have had the opportunity to learn an instrument before. Learning the ukulele will stimulate your mind and your creativity and being able to play the ukulele and sing the songs you love will have such a positive effect on your health, well-being and quality of life - it's UKE-TASTIC!

We encourage you to join a ukulele course or ensemble and experience for yourself the "happiness" factor that comes from making music with others. Your innate musical self is waiting to be discovered!


"Thanks so much for all your time put into making us feel good in isolation. And big thanks too to Anne and Jen. We both really enjoyed belting out those songs. Roll on next Wednesday!"

Carie, LSO member since 2013


"Janine. You and my ukulele are now the umbilical cord to life. You are the best!"

Beatrice, LSO member since 2017

"Janine, you are a really good teacher. You break things down into smaller chunks to get our heads around it... and then we practice it and get better and better at it... well done... we would give you a teaching certificate any time... and gold stars."

Janet, LSO member since 2015