Course 1B: Ukulele Lessons for ADVANCED beginners!

Once you feel fairly comfortable with the basics, it's time to build on your ukulele skills and develop greater mastery over your ukulele technique and musicianship! Our 2 week Advanced Beginner Course will up-skill your techniques and keep the momentum going!

Once you feel fairly comfortable with the basics, it's time to jump into our 2 week intensive course for Advanced Beginners. 

You must have completed a Foundation Skills Ukulele Course or have equivalent playing experience. It is also essential you have an ukulele for the duration of the course. 

  • We develop a greater understanding of the musical alphabet and chord vocabulary

  • We learn new ways to make chord changes with ease and efficiency to maximise quality sound production

  • New chord progressions to challenge your chord vocabulary and technique

  • More challenging strumming & finger picking techniques

  • An introduction to TAB notation

  • A repertoire of popular songs from different musical genres 


At the end of the course you will be well prepared to join the Silver Strings Ensemble OR one of the many ukulele ensembles on the Northern Beaches and beyond! 

The Advanced Beginner Course fee is $140.

This cost includes the cost of all course materials including the course workbook and practice recordings.

There are no refunds or makeup classes for missed lessons.

If there are exceptional circumstances whereby a participant is unable to attend the course for any reason, this situation can be discussed with the teacher and arrangements agreed upon.

Once a course has started, you are not entitled to a refund simply because you changed your mind.

If you postpone your enrolment to a future course within 5 days of the start date, or after you have commenced a course, you will incur a $25 administration fee.

Ready to proceed? To receive EFT payment details or find out more details about the Advanced Beginner Course, please email us at or phone us on 0410 466 546.

The Advanced Beginner Course is (usually) held over 2 consecutive Saturdays from 1pm-3pm.  In 2020, it will run on the following dates:

  • April 18th & April 19th*

  • August 22nd & 29th

* Due to the Covid-19 restrictions surrounding social gatherings and forced closures of most of our teaching venues, our March program was postponed and will be held LIVE ONLINE instead on 18 & 19 April 2020!  If you wish to join us online for the "virtual" Advanced Beginner Course, please email us to register your interest.

Lynne, Advanced Beginner Course Graduate

"I am so impressed with the course. Your material is delivered in a really easy to assimilate format and your enthusiasm for music is positively infectious."

Michael, Advanced Beginner Course Graduate

“Your classes are wonderful!  Your teaching technique is inspiring and motivating. We all enjoy your classes so much."

Russell, Advanced Beginner Course Graduate

The Absolute Beginner Course will be held in the Manly Library Meeting Room, 1 Market Place, Manly. The library is connected to the Whistler Street Car Park which offers 2 hours free parking.

What People Say...

Pam, Uke Course Graduate

"I absolutely loved these classes, plenty of fun energy, upbeat, a great pace and kept me engaged along the whole way. I was amazed how quickly I managed to pick up the concepts quickly. I've virtually had no musical experience prior so was a bit apprehensive that I may not be able to keep up."

Brian, Uke Course Graduate

"I now feel more confident with chord changes and strumming. The course was very enjoyable, because you made it fun. There was no pressure, but it was still stimulating and challenging. You have excellent organisational and interpersonal skills. I also enjoyed the social aspect, meeting new people. I think I am now ready to go on to Stage 2."

Trisha, Uke Course Graduate

"We had so much fun learning to play our ukes - it was such a shame it had to end after only 2 weeks!  I had the BEST time and I am looking forward to coming back for a follow up course. You were a great teacher to be able to impart all that information in such a short time."