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About Making Music 4 Life

Making Music 4 Life was founded in 2007 by Registered Music Therapist and music educator Janine ShearerAfter witnessing first hand the therapeutic benefits that actively making music can have on an individual's health and well-being, combined with her passionate advocacy of music education for everyone, Janine developed her business Making Music 4 Life to reflect her strong belief that making music adds life to your life! 

As a Registered Music Therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association, Janine has witnessed time and again the profound and lasting impacts that music and MAKING MUSIC can have on individual's health, well-being and quality of life, no matter what their age or abilities.

Unlike many other modalities, making music integrates multiple brain systems and can work in ways that go beyond the logical "thinking" side of ourselves. 


The neuroscience supports this, with medical research showing that actively making music can:

  • release endorphins that can enhance your mood

  • increase energy levels

  • reduce cortisol levels, thereby reducing physical and emotional stress and anxiety

  • lower blood pressure

  • alleviate pain & fatigue

  • promote relaxation

  • stimulate your mind and creativity

  • enhance cognitive development

  • increase many of the body's fighter cells protective of the body

  • provide an outlet for the expression of feelings

  • motivate and empower us

  • increase your memorising capacity and build new neural pathways

  • enhance your quality of life

Why "Making Music" is AWESOME for your health!

Our Founder: Janine Shearer

Janine is a fully qualified Ukulele Teacher with the internationally renowned James Hill Ukulele Institute in Canada

​Janine Shearer, founder of Making Music 4 Life, began playing the ukulele when she was 4 years old, performing with her mother’s amateur guitar group (The String Reflections) in nursing homes, hostels and hospices on the Northern Beaches. She went on to train classically on the piano and flute at the Sydney and Melbourne Conservatoriums of Music and later graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Music Therapy - Honours) from the University of Melbourne.

Janine has over 30 years of solo and ensemble performance experience on flute, piano, guitar, ukulele and voice. She has toured and recorded nationally and internationally with a variety of semi-professional and amateur music groups on jazz piano, classical flute and vocals including The Brass Machine Big Band and The Sydney Northern Beaches Wind Ensemble. Janine has performed at many of the world’s premiere music events including the Edinburgh, Hawaii & Monterey Jazz Festivals with artists including James Morrison, Bobby Shew and Don Burrows. She has been privileged to receive tutelage from many well-respected Australian conductors including John Hopkins OBE, Stephen Williams and Dr Martin Hardy.


After a 10 year international corporate career, Janine returned to her passion and spent 4 years studying music therapy, the research-based practice and allied health profession in which Registered Music Therapists use music to improve client's health and wellbeing across various domains including cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional wellbeing, behaviour and social skills and quality of life. Janine gained clinical music therapy experience working with individuals across the lifespan (from 34 weeks to 97 years old) with a diverse range of illnesses, physical and intellectual disabilities, developmental delays and learning and behavioural difficulties. She has utilised a wide variety of music therapy techniques to assist clients address different psychosocial, cognitive and physical needs, including live music making, song writing, movement, improvisation, instrumental play, therapeutic music lessons, music relaxation and supportive counselling within a palliative care framework.

For more information on music therapy and how to find a Registered Music Therapist in Australia visit:

Certified Level 2 Teacher

Janine completed her Level 3 accreditation with the James Hill Ukulele Initiative Teacher Certification Program in 2017 with honours. This 3 year program, delivered by the Canadian born, award-winning ukulele player and songwriter James Hill, is designed to raise the level of ukulele teaching worldwide. Janine was part of the first Australian and New Zealand contingent on this course.


“Your classes are wonderful!  Your teaching technique is inspiring and motivating. We all enjoy your classes so much."

Russell, Uke course graduate

"I am so impressed with the course. Your material is delivered in a really easy to assimilate format and your enthusiasm for music is positively infectious."

Michael, Uke Course graduate

"It would be hard to find a more enthusiastic and motivating teacher. In fact I found you very inspirational. The minute I walked in I felt at ease because of your lovely smile and personality, to go with that smile, did not let me down. With your kind of attitude anyone can do anything they put their mind to."

Barb, Uke Course graduate

"Janine Shearer, you have a wonderful gift as a teacher. You encourage and motivate us to reach our goals.  I feel as a group we enjoy the experience of the ukulele as we each become more skillful with your guidance.

Thank you."

Denise, LSO member