Making Music 4 Life

Bringing people together one ukulele at a time...

to experience the positive benefits of making music for life!

Our Services


Ukulele Courses

Get the happiness factor that goes with playing one of the most enjoyable instruments of all time!

No matter what your musical background or experience, whether you are an absolute beginner or seeking to develop your skills further, our Beginner & Intermediate Level Ukulele Courses on the Northern Beaches will give you the confidence and skills necessary to play the songs you love!


Ukulele Ensembles

The uber-uke-tastic Lightly Strung Orchestra is a performance ukulele ensemble for players of all levels.

Join our motley crew of joyful ukesters and have fun singing, playing and improving your ukulele techniques through regular participation and performance opportunities locally and at Ukulele Festivals around Australia.

We can't wait for you to join us!

Paul Jonson Workshop

Gigs & Events

Throughout the year, we host a fabulous line up of visiting artists and ukulele teachers from all over the world!

The LSO also performs at a variety of local events and gigs further afield including Ukulele Festivals and concerts in collaboration with visiting artists.


Not to mention dress up parties!

Why ukeing is good for you!

Unlike any other modality, MAKING MUSIC is like a TOTAL workout for ALL areas of your brain. Learning to play an instrument can change, enhance and optimise brain function by stimulating new neural pathways. Long term benefits of playing an instrument include enhanced memory, focus and coordination. You can literally grow a bigger brain by playing the ukulele! 


There are also multiple therapeutic benefits that making music can have on your health and well-being. You may feel more vitalised, energised, relaxed, destressed, intellectually stimulated, socially connected and you may even gain a greater capacity to cope with life's challenges. We believe the therapeutic benefits from playing the ukulele are almost immediate, it stimulates your mind and creativity, and being able to play the songs you love is absolutely UKE-tastic!

So, come and experience it for yourself.  Even if you have absolutely NO musical background whatsoever, we can help you find the “happiness factor” that comes with playing the ukulele and we hope it inspires you to MAKE MUSIC FOR LIFE!