The Intermediate Ukulele Course

Our Intermediate Ukulele Course is an intensive 4 week program designed for those who have gained proficiency in the foundation skills and wish to gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of musical concepts, learn more challenging ukulele techniques and gain greater mastery over your playing.


You MUST have completed a foundation level beginner course such as our 4 week intensive Beginner Ukulele Course or have equivalent playing experience to join this course.

What can I expect to learn?

  • More advanced strumming techniques and finger picking patterns

  • Expand your chord vocabulary with more complex chords from different chord families

  • Improve your ability to transition more efficiently between chords

  • Develop greater mastery in your coordination and playing technique

  • Expand your tab notation skills for riff (melody) playing

  • Learn how to transpose music into new keys and use a capo to make your music match the music you love


At the end of the course you will have the skills to enhance your sound with new tricks and techniques and if keen to progress further, be well prepared to join Level 1or 2 of the Lightly Strung Orchestra.

Course Fees?

The Intermediate Ukulele Course fee is $250. This cost includes the cost of all course materials including the course workbook and practice recordings. 


Please note there are no refunds or makeup classes for missed lessons. If there are exceptional circumstances whereby a participant is unable to attend the course for any reason, this situation can be discussed with the teacher and arrangements agreed upon.

Once a course has started, you are not entitled to a refund simply because you changed your mind. If you postpone your enrolment to a future course within 5 days of the start date, or after you have commenced a course, you will incur a $25 administration fee.

Course Dates & Venue?

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 restrictions surrounding social distancing and the limited number of places we can facilitate in our regular teaching venues, our face-to-face courses are currently on hold. In the meantime, we are busy creating content for short online courses and will update this website as soon as sessions resume.

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Making Music 4 Life!

"How does one explain, what a wonderful personal experience, an emotional travel through a delightful musical appreciation of the Ukulele. Thank you for sharing your talent and skills with us. 


On the Beginner Course, Janine leads you astray, tempting you to experience this art form and on the Intermediate Course, you and your ukulele become one producing beautiful music, so much pleasure...

Thank you for your inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement. I can now share happy sounds of the ukulele with friends and family and encourage them to join in. Making music happen is sharing magic sounds."

- Michelle, Intermediate Graduate

Uke Course 54

"What can I say. I received great value, beyond expectation.... I'm so happy and very thankful for having crossed paths with 'my teacher'. I gained musical knowledge, self satisfaction, concentration skills and most of all a great happiness."

- John, Intermediate Graduate 

"I am so impressed with the course. Your material is delivered in a really easy to assimilate format and your enthusiasm for music is positively infectious."

- Michael, Intermediate Graduate

“Your classes are wonderful!  Your teaching technique is inspiring and motivating. We all enjoy your classes so much."

- Russell, Intermediate Graduate