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The Silver Strings Ensemble

Join in the fun of the Silver Strings Ensemble on Sydney's Northern Beaches. If you LOVE playing the ukulele and singing your heart out while developing your skills along the way then this weekly group is for you!

The Silver Strings Ensemble is an ukulele group for people looking for opportunities to develop their skills in a relaxed and fun weekly session.


If you love playing and singing popular songs while developing ukulele techniques at an easy pace, this group is for you!

Through ongoing participation in the SSE, and following completion of the Intermediate Course, participants in this group will gain the necessary skills and experience to graduate into the Lightly Strung Orchestra if so desired.

Anyone who can play the uke and wants to play for fun each week can join the SSE, however, it is highly recommended that you have the following prerequisite skills before joining:

  • Have completed an entry or foundation level Beginner Course or equivalent

  • Have an understanding of the foundation (open) chords in first position

  • Can play a variety of different strumming patterns (desirable but not compulsory)

  • Can finger pick (desirable but not compulsory)

You may attend as many sessions as you like during the term.

  • Unlimited Pass: $180

  • Trial class: $20

  • Casual rate (pro-rated x # weeks): $20

  • Please note that NO payments are processed during class time. If you know you will be away during the term, your casual term fee is still required IN ADVANCE for the pro-rated number of weeks you will attend.


There may also be a fee for the Silver Strings Ensemble Songbook if you are joining partway through the year.

There are no refunds or makeup classes for missed sessions. However, if there are exceptional circumstances whereby a participant is unable to attend rehearsals for an extended period of time, this situation can be discussed with the musical director and arrangements agreed upon.

If you postpone your enrolment to a future term within 5 days of the term start date, or after you have commenced a term, you will incur a $20 administration fee.

Weekly sessions will run on Mondays and Thursdays at the Montgomery Theatre, 10 Endeavour Drive, RSL Anzac Village, Narrabeen.

Mondays (9am-10:15am)

Monday rehearsals will be held on:

  • Term 1: 10 February - 6 April

  • Term 2: 4 May - 29 June

  • Term 3: 27 July - 21 September

  • Term 4: 12 October - 7 December

Thursdays (7pm-8:30pm)

Thursdays rehearsals will be held on:

  • Term 1: 13 February - 9 April

  • Term 2: 7 May - 2 July

  • Term 3: 30 July - 24 September

  • Term 4: 15 October - 3 December

Throughout the year, the Silver Strings Ensemble may perform at a variety of local concerts and festivals. Your regular fees will apply if additional rehearsals are required for a performance.

For details about upcoming events click here.

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