The ukulele is a BRILLIANT first instrument for young and old and probably one of the most fun and accessible instruments on the planet! Once you pick it up you'll be hooked! Even if you have absolutely NO musical background whatsoever, it doesn't take much to gain the confidence and skills necessary to start playing the songs you love. Since 2011, hundreds of people have started their ukulele journey with us and continue to experience the joy of making music every day!



This 2 hour intensive workshop is designed to give you a feel for what it's like to play the happiest instrument on the planet!


Absolutely NO musical background or experience is necessary for you to join this workshop.

You will learn a teeny tiny bit of fundamental music theory, some great chords and a handful of popular songs to inspire you!


All technical work is structured experientially so you will feel confident to play the songs you love once you leave the workshop.

Be a part of our next upcoming Beginner Workshop on 23rd September 2022 which will be held in the lovely creative space at Little Lane Workshops in Warriewood.



Get the happiness factor that goes with playing one of the most enjoyable instruments of all time!

If you have never played a ukulele before, or have very limited experience, our 4 week intensive Beginner Ukulele Course is a great way to kick-start your musical journey.

You will learn techniques including:

  • how to maximise sound tone and how to make your ukulele "sing"

  • how to read TAB notation and play basic melodies

  • different ways to strum with a variety of rhythmic grooves to make your music rock!

Once these skills are under your belt you can move onto the Advanced Beginner Course to really get your rhythmic groove on with a focus on strumming and fingerpicking techniques to make your  more magical.

Making Music 4 Life


Expand your musical knowledge and upskill your ukulele techniques on this 4 week intensive Intermediate Ukulele Course.


You will learn techniques to:

  • gain a solid understanding of the musical alphabet and underlying keys

  • transpose music easily using a capo or underlying chord families

  • play chord inversions

  • play more challenging and syncopated strumming patterns

  • expand your finger picking techniques

  • embellish your rhythms with flamenco-style fan strums and percussive chunking techniques

  • make your melodies more lyrical by adding vibrato, hammer-ons and pull-offs and bends

Once you have completed this course you will be well equipped to join our weekly sessions with the Lightly Strung Orchestra ukulele ensemble.


Making Music 4 Life ukulele_edited.jpg

"I absolutely loved these classes, plenty of fun energy, upbeat, a great pace and kept me engaged along the whole way. I was amazed how quickly I managed to pick up the concepts quickly. I've virtually had no musical experience prior so was a bit apprehensive that I may not be able to keep up."

Pam, Beginner Uke Student

Making Music 4 Life

"I now feel more confident with chord changes and strumming. The course was very enjoyable, because you made it fun. There was no pressure, but it was still stimulating and challenging. You have excellent organisational and interpersonal skills. I also enjoyed the social aspect, meeting new people. I think I am now ready to go on to Stage 2."

Brian, Beginner Uke Student